Daniel A. Lindenfeld 
Attorney and Counselor at Law

345 Seventh Avenue 21st Floor, New York N.Y. 10001

Firm Philosophy

Daniel A. Lindenfeld Attorney and Counselor at Law, a law firm formed in 1987 is structured to provide every client with continuing access to Daniel Lindenfeld on an ongoing, timely and consistent basis. The Firm’s objective is to provide its clients with the highest quality of legal services and representation as efficiently, cost effectively and aggressively as possible. The Firm is extremely result oriented.

The Firm is sensitive to and fully recognizes the changing business and professional marketplace of the new century and especially the financial, personal and time stresses that its clients face in the business and medical/dental community. The Firm is able to handle large volumes of matters in an aggressive and timely manner. The Firm employs a comprehensive approach to the analysis of a client’s legal requirements and does not view any particular issue in a vacuum but rather how that issue fits into the entire structure of a client’s needs.

Many of the Firm’s clients were previously represented by large commercial firms and came to the Firm seeking legal representation that is focused, agile, efficient, personal and cost effective. With Daniel Lindenfeld they have found such legal representation.


As a result of the Firm’s expertise in the areas of all facets of health law for practitioners and institutions, commercial litigation, real estate transactions and litigation, corporate transactions, governmental regulation and estate planning the firm is able to utilize a multi-dimensional approach in analyzing a client’s needs.


The Firm adheres to the Statement of Client’s Rights which can be viewed by clicking here